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Soft Furnishing – Interior Design 

For fabulous tailor made curtains and blinds get in touch with us. We offer a bespoke service for curtains and blinds-made to measure.


Designing tips for window dressing


With so many window dressings to chosen from it is important to get this decision right. We would recommend sticking to a maximum of two to three elements per window. This could be a combination of curtains and voiles, curtains and blinds, voiles and blinds or curtains on their own. This decision will depend on how much privacy you want. Curtains and blinds can be a brilliant option for bedrooms while voiles can be utilized to great effect in living rooms to allow natural light in while keeping prying eyes out.

Fabric and Design-Finishes

Once you have settled on your window dressing it is time for the fun part, the fabric! Now is the time to be adventurous! With so many great prints on the market, curtains are an excellent place to showcase these! Stripes, geometrics and amber colours are fashionable now however If you’re a little more reserved why not try a plain textured curtain and a patterned voile? Or alternatively a leading edge or header piece in an alternating colour, this can give a gorgeous individual feel to your curtains.

Poles and Pelmets

Now you’ve got your fabrics chosen it’s time to find something to hang them from! While some may feel that pelmets are a little dated there are some great contemporary versions coming onto the market from the likes of Tilly’s, including a fantastic frosted Perspex version! If you’re looking for a curtain pole you need to address sizes and quantity. A double pole will allow space for voile and a curtain; alternatively a track can be a slightly cheaper option. When looking at poles think beyond the traditional. Gone are the days where brass or chrome wore the only options! Black, transparent acrylic and colour wrapped poles are all arriving in force.


 To show off your curtain fabric to its full potential it’s time to choose your header. If you want a more traditional feel to your curtains or are using a luxury fabric, a highly gathered pencil pleat can look great. If you’re after real luxury try the triple pinch pleat. This looks brilliant with plain fabrics giving them fullness and depth. For a contemporary feel eyelets or a wave header work really well. The goblet header is an up and coming style being seen more and more regularly but leave the tab top and pocket header alone,they’re not so popular at present 

Finishing Touches

To really finish off your window it’s all about details! Depending on your header type, think about the colour and finish of your eyelets or rings. Metallic are huge this year and gold or silver rings on a contrasting pole look great! If you’ve chosen a pole have fun selecting unusual finials or end caps. Coloured glass finials are currently available across the market while carved and wooden finials work wonders in traditional properties. To accompany the finials you could add complimentary holdbacks or jewelled tiebacks!


                                 *Do your curtains not fit your windows?

Whether you have moved house, inherited some beautiful vintage curtains or simply your curtains are wrong size we can Fit them for your windows and even to add more designed elements into them.

We offer a professional alteration service for all kinds of curtain at a price which represents excellent value for money.

We can:

Shorten curtains

Lengthen (by use of a matching extension) curtains

Re-size the width of curtains

Re-line curtains,


Make tie-backs from offcuts

Any other please ask

      We carry out curtain adjustments for any kind of fabric including velvet and net curtain alterations

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